Hiromitsu Fujiki

Oil paintings&Drawings

I knew so little about art that when I heard the name Van Gogh, I could not immediately answer that he was a painter.Born in Wakayama, Japan in 1980 and raised in Osaka. During his school days, he was passionate about rugby, and later about guitar, and worked hard every day to fulfill his dream of becoming a guitarist. He spent his life without any interest in art, but in 2010 he was given a set of oil paints, and the shock he felt when he put the paints on the canvas made him decide to become a painter, and he started painting in earnest. He started by researching how to stretch a canvas, types of oils, and properties of paints on the Internet and in libraries. From a certain point on, he became obsessed with actually facing the object and painting it, and he continues to do so to this day. He painted what he saw as he saw it. The other is not actively learning knowledge.He continues to learn solely from his awareness and sensations when he is looking at an object, and from how the picture looks after he has painted it. In 2021, the company moved its production base to Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

Photo by Hiroyuki Ochiai 2020.

Express what you feel between the object and me.

Statement in 2024年2月12日