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When I look at what I have finished painting, I remember what I was noticing and thinking about when I was painting. I write about such things.


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Thirteen years have passed.

IMG/Thirteen years have passed.
I have been painting for 13 years. Strangely enough, the image of a painter for me has not changed since the beginning. For some reason, I have this image of a painter in my mind, which does not e……


What is not a thought

A work that evokes various impressions in different people must have been created with various feelings in mind, so if the environment or the state of mind at the time of creation (emotion is out of ……


in a cave

The reality of being able to paint. The feeling you have when you gaze at the subject. Is it full or is there nothing? I look at myself with this strange sensation, and then I look at the object as well. And as my consciousness repeatedly intersects with a certain perception, a void is created. I feel as if I can meet myself when I am drawing in the void that is created.

Looking at the subject.

Eventually, the space is also closed.
The lines that we see in the space are not the texture or the three-dimensionality of the material, but the life of the object, which we have chosen based on the difference in freshness and brightness of the light emitted by the object.
In the end, there is no need to know anything.
While I am painting, I feel that it is like the wind, like light, or something like that.


The only way to continue the feeling of "I don't have any evidence, but I sure do" is to continue the actions that go along with it.

Blue sky

I'm in the mood these days to have a new notebook in my hands.
The first line of writing is not there yet, but it feels better to take it that way.
What is it about. The ideal of only shiny, empty light that has not been circled sometimes makes the current situation worse when it passes through my head.


Last night I had a migraine headache like I have never experienced before. At the same time, my deep negative self came out one after another.
Naturally, there is nothing for tomorrow. I am well a……



To fulfill one's own path leads to peace.
The path is the one that is paved from within.
It is not a path (action) that is projected from the outside (everything but oneself).
Those who cann……


The misery of not being able to compare.

I had been supported by the descriptions and works of several painters who had gone before me and who were considered to be "right on the money," so I had been able to transform my consciousness and ……


Sensation while drawing

The art of catching the gaze, the eye, and the heart of what is seen when it is not seen is in the sky, and as the depths become dominant in the process of assimilation into the one being seen, the surface layer becomes simpler.