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I started painting on my own in 2010, and my style naturally changed as my perception of the subject changed, but after 3 or 4 years, I began to look for a motif to paint first. I was in this state of mind for about 10 years, continuing to go through trial and error. I was looking for a reason to paint. Thinking comes later. It proceeds naturally while you are painting. I had completely forgotten that. This is one of today's paintings that I took on with a feeling of a fresh start.



The video shows a pencil sketch work that I usually draw. The music is Here Is Your Place from the album Book Apple by Takumi Seino, a guitarist and composer who is my mentor.



I have been a self-taught oil and pencil painter in Osaka City for about 10 years. The places where I can see the Yodogawa River in the video are especially instructive.


The misery of not being able to compare.

I had been supported by the descriptions and works of several painters who had gone before me and who were considered to be "right on the money," so I had been able to transform my consciousness and change my paintings in various ways without hesitation, and I had been able to do so through conversations with people who had passed away and who were able to sympathize with me each time.


Sensation while drawing

The art of catching the gaze, the eye, and the heart of what is seen when it is not seen is in the sky, and as the depths become dominant in the process of assimilation into the one being seen, the surface layer becomes simpler.

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