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What is not a thought

A work that evokes various impressions in different people must have been created with various feelings in mind, so if the environment or the state of mind at the time of creation (emotion is out of the question; the work was created with zero emotion) is kept simple, and sharpened to the point where it is almost as if there is nothing there, the impressions of a single viewer will be shared equally by everyone. This leads to a feeling that everyone feels equally, which increases the degree of sharing.
If one’s impression is to look at oneself in a work that has nothing, this is the only impression one can have of “watching oneself.
However, if the viewer feels that this is a lonely experience, and tries to share that feeling of loneliness with others, it will not spread. In order to prevent such an action, the integrity of the work itself, and before that, the integrity of the artist himself, is necessary.
The artist’s own integrity is what is felt when a line is drawn or a color is placed. It would be an act of God to transfer it to all lines and colors, but the hope that it might be possible makes me keep on drawing for a long time to come.

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