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Last night I had a migraine headache like I have never experienced before. At the same time, my deep negative self came out one after another.
Naturally, there is nothing for tomorrow. I am well aware of that. But as I thought about them in detail, I wanted to erase the present. However, I felt that if I did so, I would be back to square one.

I felt that I might have to go through the same environment, the same family structure, the same state of mind, and the exact same state of mind as I am in now. In the midst of too much intense pain. I know it is useless to wonder what I should do. I am also aware that I have created the current situation without doing anything about it.
However, when I am in such pain and my hidden weak self comes out, my habit of wanting to take care of it also comes back.
However, when I went to wish to forget my body instead of enduring the pain, there was simply a heat in the back of my head. I found that it was morning and I could sleep.

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