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To fulfill one’s own path leads to peace.
The path is the one that is paved from within.
It is not a path (action) that is projected from the outside (everything but oneself).
Those who cannot see the path, there is no positive action except to remain still.

The path may seem to be an action that is completely separate from everything but itself.
That’s just what you think. How you resist that impulse is the way back to the moral common sense that is attached to your path.

Good and evil, life and death, etc. are merely the surface.
If you dare to describe evil, it is regret.
You can go to anything. Just prohibit repentance altogether. There is no contradiction to other people or events for those who are
Always turn to yourself. The person who says, “I am living in the present,” is living in the present and in himself. From the outside, “I am not a person” is often seen as indifference, abnormality, or a fool. Such deceptions are always attached to your path, but close your eyes and concentrate on seeing only yourself in the silence.

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