• Technique : Pencil on paper
  • Dimensions : 11 51/64 x9 3/64 inchs
  • Creation date : April 02, 2021
  • State :

I heard the phrase “consciousness is almost eternal. It was very interesting to me because I had vaguely thought that consciousness is completely eternal. It seems that life and death are not so important in the world of consciousness, and I actually feel that way about my life. Personally, I don’t think light and shadow are important either. If you focus on light and shadow when you paint something, you are only a person. By painting without focusing on my own mind or on the object, the artist can expand infinitely. In the midst of living, immersion is the only way to obtain a space that can transcend life and death, a time-space that includes righteousness, death, and immersion (infatuation). I named this time and space “Wassense” and exhibited a work at my solo exhibition last year in which I tried to depict the scene I wanted in this time and space. However, I still haven’t decided how to sublimate this work. In the first place, I know that it is foolish to try to fix something that is in flux on the canvas, so I hesitate because of the foolishness of making a decision at some stage. It’s a lot of fun.