No. 1, 7th process

  • Technique : Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions : 23 27/32 x35 13/16 inchs
  • Creation date : April 23, 2021
  • State : Destruction

Every time I do this, it’s not a continuation of yesterday. When I faced the screen, I was concerned about the contrast in brightness, so I went ahead and placed colors to improve it. Then, when I found a line showing a slight circle to the right of the center of the screen, I thought of the moon. As soon as I imagined the moon in my mind, I saw a shining moon on the current canvas. I’ve been looking at landscapes, people, and everything else, thinking that what I see is not very reliable, but this was the first time I saw my painting like that. I wondered if I had been careless. I can’t even rely on what I’m drawing. If I say that, it means that I feel I might be wrong. I can’t be sure about anything. I don’t want to.