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Technique : Pencil on paper
Dimensions : 11 51/64 x9 3/64 inchs
Creation date : March 25, 2021
Product code : CC15036


This work uses a building as the object of depiction. The contrast between light and shadow is filled in on the left and right sides of the screen to get to the root of the light and shadow. There will be a new world lurking in the landscape, in the very boundary between objects that are everywhere.
–From the following TEXT
A sense of air, or something similar to air, emerged on the screen, and I proceeded to draw from that as a base point. When I was actually looking at the landscape, I was conscious of that something, and light and shadow were perceived in the back or in the front, but by sensing that something, I was looking at something else, another world. I can say for sure that it was not an atmosphere, but I don’t know what it was.