The HFD (HIROMITSU FUJIKI DATABASE) records the work that began in 2010 and continues to the present. It includes the process of overpainting and destruction, the status of the work in private collections, etc., and the location of the production site.




Almost every depiction is recorded in HFD. In his pursuit of drawing, he has learned that the way he sees changes depending on the viewer's state of consciousness. Fujiki's expressive activities require a deep state of mind that is unaffected by the desire for self-expression, the emotions of the moment, or the circumstances of the moment, and thus are not limited to individual expression. In HFD, we can decipher the pure stream of consciousness of a person.*Dep. (depict / depiction)


I've been thinking about depiction, painting, expression, vision, etc., and I've been making notes of things that have crossed my mind.

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