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I've been thinking about depiction, painting, expression, vision, etc., and I've been making notes of things that have crossed my mind.


Over dinner

I suddenly remembered something that happened a long time ago.
When I was in elementary school, my father told me, \"Someone somewhere has already done what you came up with.
To this day, even though I believe that the same theme or point of view can be different if handled by different people, I do not enjoy it at all. I keep searching for it, thinking that it has to be somewhere.

April 30, 2022



In music, it is a musical note. I think the same thing can be said when something is written on paper, and the information that comes out of it is the expression that the painter should focus on.
What is out of the paper may vary from artist to artist, but I think it is important to develop a method of depicting something that brings it into relief.

April 12, 2022



I felt like I was on to something, and I was excited.

February 11, 2022


12th Anniversary

This is my twelfth year of painting. The way I perceive my subjects has been changing in various ways. There are big changes, as if the world has been turned upside down, and small changes. The method of depiction has changed accordingly, and the so-called style of painting has also undergone a considerable number of changes. I still can't settle on a style, or I don't want to fix my style, so I don't feel the urge to make a big announcement that my work is my own. I am aware that being too unattached to most things is a problem, but I can't do it because I am not willing to fix it. What I want to do is to explore the idea of "seeing. The result of my research is my daily paintings. I don't know if I can offer something meaningful to people with them. However, my paintings allow people to see what I am seeing. In other words, you may be able to notice how the world is floating and how it represents our daily lives. A bookshelf or a building in front of us. We might be able to see why things exist the way they do, and how many miracles this phenomenon contains. This is all I can say. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

January 24, 2022



This year, I moved my base of activities, and although it has been difficult for me to continue painting, I have been fulfilled in terms of my feelings and descriptions. I have a lot of conflicts when I am not painting, but I forget them once I start.

December 30, 2021


November 18, 2021


A moment.

In places where thin clouds cover the sky and the sunlight shines on them, I catch glimpses of rainbows that should not be there. There are no rainbows anywhere, but as I swivel my gaze from side to side, I can see the colors of the rainbow. As I stare at the pale blue sky, something comes to my mind. A very nostalgic and fragile world.

October 27, 2021



Doesn\'t the work need to be sublime? It is a difficult thing to lose when you think about it. Lines, colors, shapes, and structures cannot become more than they are. But we use them to express ourselves. The stronger this restriction is, the more sublime it seems to be.
Likewise, the sublime will increase when the subject is a single point. However, when I paint a landscape, if I focus on every object, I get the impression that the painting will be scattered. However, even in a landscape, when painting a sense of air or a scene, the focus is on a single point.
When you have narrowed down something to be expressed to a single point, and you are able to express it, you will naturally have a sense of the sublime.

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October 26, 2021


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