Artist Profile

Hiromitsu Fujiki

©2011-11-23 Photo by Hyogo Mugyuda.


Hiromitsu Fujiki explores the world or consciousness through description.
When Fujiki was a child, he liked to try to create things he hadn't seen yet. Boyhood sports.Then in his youth, his interest shifted to music, and at the age of 30, he was given oil paints, which led him to painting.Impressed by the fact that unlike music, painting leaves a mark of exploration, he became obsessed with painting. While actually confronting and painting his subjects, he realized that the way he sees things changes depending on his state of consciousness, and he has been confronted with this mystery ever since.
The search for the world or consciousness is an attempt to connect the visual to the depiction, and this act itself is an expression of Fujiki. Fujiki is trying to present an innocent world through his artworks.

Curriculum Vitae

Hiromitsu Fujiki Painter

1980 Born in Wakayama prefecture in Japan
2010 Start painting.


Solo exhibition
A world of harmony : Space Fura / Osaka Japan
FUJIKI KANSYU Exhibition : Cafe Echo / Osaka
Source exhibition : Chausuyama gallery / Osaka
Hiromitsu Fujiki exhibition : Kawachi Step Gallery (Shinsaibashi Kawachi painting shop) / Osaka
Hiromitsufujiki : Chausuyama Gallery / Osaka
HIROMITSU FUJIKI : Chausuyama Gallery / Osaka
Hiromitsu Fujiki : Chausuyama Gallery / Osaka

Group exhibition
The 3rd Pitts Group Exhibition : Yasuda Gallery / Osaka

Honorable Mentions and Awards
The 72th Himeji City Art Exhibition : Accepted
The 66th Ibaraki City Art Exhibition : Accepted
The 67th Himeji City Art Exhibition : Accepted
The 41st Genyo Exhibition : Accepted